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Paint Yourself a Great Future With Great Painters Yes!!


If you’re looking for a dynamic, growing industry to claim as your own, look no further!

Ontario’s housing task force is recommending the construction of 1.5 million homes over the next decade, and that means there will likely be no shortage in demand for housing – or companies to paint them – anytime soon. Moreover, it’s a trend that extends well beyond Ontario, so now is the perfect time to join a booming industry across Canada!

Why Take a Chance with Great Painters Yes!!?

In a muddy field of competitors, we stand out by delivering projects promptly and flawlessly. We cultivate great relationships with our customers to keep them coming back for our services and refer us to friends, family, and colleagues. Our customers love that we take the time to listen to their needs and execute their vivid visions.

Our services include interior and exterior painting – residential, commercial, and industrial. We paint doors, cupboards, walls, trim, and basically, anywhere our client wants a splash of colour!

The upfront costs to open a franchise are relatively low in the industry, starting at just $80,000. With low overheads and exceptional workflow systems, the choice to take control of your own life and career by becoming a Great Painters Yes!! franchisee is easy.

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